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Dan.K: "Thank you!! It actually works really well! I showed this to my friend now even his dad is using it! Thank you so MUCH!!! " read more

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Bill Davis: "This program worked flawlessly for me. All the videos I downloaded onto my computer from YouTube were playable and was converted into the format I wanted. I was so impressed with this application that as soon as I got done using it I went ahead and wrote about it on my blog right away!"
Gordon Mackenzie: "Thank you for your support. I really think your after sales service is second to none. You are fantastic & I would recommend save2pc to anyone. Thank you so much."
Anneliese Bochenek: "Tried the download and all is working as it should. Thanks again for the software. I recommend save2pc to everyone I know for reasons just like the above."
Troy Lucas: "I love your program it does just what you say it will do. I am a very happy client. I also recommend your product a lot to our clients as well."
Marcus Orlovsky: "Wow. What fantastic service! Thanks. I have had and will continue to have no hestitation in recommending you - and I speak to around 20,000 school Heads and deputies per year, so hopefully you'll get some decent sales!"
Lauren Berlant: "THANK YOU,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU. I finally have the program working for me. I would like to say that this is a fantastic program and would recommend it to everyone and the after sales service is number one."
Abigail Gribensk: "I purchased Save2pc standard in July 2008. I've never had a problem with it and highly recommend it to my friends. Thank you for developing such a useful product!"
Jeff Conley: "Thank you, you provide excellent support for your products."
Joe Stafford: "Thanks so much for your software and helpful support. Tangle captured worked first try. We're back in business. You're the bomb!"
Harry Brown: "Thanks, it worked, I have just upgrated to Ultimate. This is a super programm!!! Again many thanks!"
Bill Ackerman: "You are awesome. Thank you so much. I will download as much as I can while it works."
John Resig: "Your program is awesome...I bought the PRO version immediately and have been very pleased. Thanks so much."
M. Sabbarao: "It is working perfectly. Kudos to your support! I am extremely happy with the application and the kind of support you always extend. Hats off and thank you once again."
Cali Kizer: "Thank you so much. I use these for my lesson plans as I'm a teacher and they work so well. I can usually find something online that relates to what I'm teaching that day!"
Shari Eaton: "Thank you SO much! It's working! Hope you keep creating more cool programs like this one!"
Greg Neilson: "Thank you ever so much.I have had a very frustrating weekend using Real Player to download. I have always used Save2pc and i have introduced other people to your product, because it is simple and it WORKS!"
Paul Gingell: "Thanks for this useful application. Till now I’m using IDM and PWnyoutube for downloading youtube videos. I was looking for some PC application and here I come :)"
Jeff Conley: "I just started using this and it works great. I have Vista and there are no problems for me. Highly recommended program."
Makayana: "I love it. It works great and is easy to use. It does what it claims to do. It's designed to be the ultimate video downloader. It works with YouTube and that works for me."
Alberto Mireles: "It's just too simple to use this program. Simply, just paste the Youtube video's address, click start and an AVI/MPEG file is downloaded straight onto your computer. It's easy as that. I've tried many other video downloader programs but this one has to be the best."
Dan.K: "Thank you!! It actually works really well! I showed this to my friend now even his dad is using it! Thank you so MUCH!!! "
Ron D.: "Thank you! Your software is working beautifully. I'm getting to save a bunch of wonderful Jeff Beck performance videos now!"
Luis Escalona: "Thank you, I just wish all the companies I have to deal with were so cordial, fast, reliable and professional as you are. I will continue using and recommending you products to everybody I know. Congrats!"
Mr Kevin Wood: "Once again thank you for the great support from the support team & a great product, which by the way. I do recommend to my friends who have pc's."
Christophe Le Du: "Hey Save2pc team. I really appreciate your services and the way you have handled with my problem... I will definitely recommand your software to my students... Keep on going ! Christophe"
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